Wind & Solar Are Cheaper than Coal! & They Save the Planet!

Ken Regelson says there is hope, as wind (1.7 cents per KWH) and solar cost much less than coal, and there are great advances in storage:  new batteries, pumping water uphill, running weighted trains uphill, heating up molten salt and storing it to produce steam, compressing air. ….

People, cities, and companies can save lots of money while supporting sustainable energy, helping to decrease global warming. Big companies are purchasing longterm (20 year) contracts for electricity at 1.7 cents per KW hour, cheaper than coal. They contract for twice what they will need, and sell the excess when they don’t need it.

A talk on 1-10-17 by Ken Regelson ([email protected], 303449-4890) here in Boulder to the Boulder chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society explained how a coalition of large companies, including Google and Apple, are combining with cities, states,and counties to open up electric markets.  We need open electricity markets, otherwise utility companies prevent any competition from solar, wind, efficiency, storage, and local generator projects.

Link to video of talk  


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