Vote YES on 112- Put Health above Fracking

We are doing a fundraiser for Colorado Rising.  For every “YES on 112” shirts sold on our website, we will give $ 17 to Colorado Rising.

For more info, to volunteer, or to donate, go to

Help pass Proposition 112. Wear this design in Colorado until election day Nov. 6 to encourage others to Vote Yes on 112.

Please ask your friends in Colorado to Vote Yes on 112.

Oil and gas fracking operations explode, catch fire, and spew out toxic chemicals near homes and schools. Fracking causes death, cancer, low birth weights, severe burns, and respiratory illness. Fracking also pollutes the water. This proposed law would require 2500 foot setbacks from homes and schools for new oil and gas fracking and drilling operations on private and state land. Currently, fracking can occur within 500 feet of homes. Most injuries from fracking occur within 2500 feet. 750 citizens gathered 172,000 signatures to put this on the Colorado ballot. Fracking produces methane, which is worse than CO2 as a “greenhouse gas” contributing to global warming. We need people power and donations to counter the $30 million the oil industry is spending against 112.





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