Vote for Local Electric Power Makes a Comeback!

Boulder voters  pushed forward to continue to progress towards a local, renewable electric utility! All the volunteers’s hard work is paying off.  Despite a snowstorm that made get-out -the vote efforts more difficult, dark money violating the spirit of the campaign finance law, the self-interest of cable companies that want to avoid competition by public utilities that can offer  superfast and cheap public broadband, heavy-anti slant to the new in the Daily Camera reporting and editorials, It looks like the forces for a local, transparent, resilient municipal electric utility are winning.  Last night we were behind by 2,000 votes at first. Late we were only behind by 1,000 votes.  This noon we are ahead by 450 votes.  Some volunteers have been tabling, canvasing, phoning, writing letters to the editors an writing guest editorials for for months.  Kudos to the students at New Era; the activists at Empower Our Future, 3560 Colorado,  and Clean Energy Action; the Sierra Club; the Boulder Weekly reporters; and the pro-muni campaigns for  Mary Young, Sam Weaver,  Mirabai Nagle, Cindy Carlisle, JillGrano,  and John Gerstle, All five of the winning city council candidates supported the municipal local utility!

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