Speech & Book on Youth Using Music, Dance, & Theater to Enliven Protests

There is a talk tonight by Beth Osnes about her book Performance for Resilience: Engaging Youth through Movement,  Music and Theatre at the Boulder Bookstore, 1107 pearl, free 7:30 pm 1-25-18.  She said the joy of children and youth comes thru and energizes protests.  Their play/performance piece “Shine” about global warming  has been performed all over the world.

She cofounded the local group Mothers Acting Up, which organized many neat  protests. Link:ttps://iwiwproject.com/tag/beth-osnes

Neat quote pointed out by Doug and Debbie : As the wise F.M. Dostoyevsky once said, “the essence of pedagogy should be embodied in the task of loving children for their angelic purity, because they are here to make us happy. For the sake of their and our happiness, let’s provide them with the right to be loved.”

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