Protect Our Health & Safety -Help Gather Anti-Fracking Signatures

Sunday is the deadline for getting signatures for stopping fracking near homes and schools.   LINK to help gather petitions.   The pro-oil and gas fracking companies have spent over $ 10 million dollars to stop people from protecting their health so far.   They are stacking city councils with pro fracking politicians. They flood politicians with angry callers.   They develop  database on 3.7 million Coloradoans from polls and  door to door canvassing. They know how to fashion their ads  to appeal  to individuals.  They have bought the support of  major newspapers and TV stations  thru massive ad buys. They harass petition gatherers. They infiltrate grassroots citizen groups.  They  form coalitions to greenwash themselves and claim that fracking is good for wildlife.   LINK to Joel Dyer’s great story in the Boulder Weekly on 7-28.

In a similar way,  the Koch brothers and their corporate allies have hired  over 450 organizers  across the US find to groom, and elect  pro-oil and  anti-government -regulation  politicians.  They have gathered over $450 million.    They put up candidates for Congress, the Senate, state legislatures, and the courts.  Some of their allies even try to dominate school boards, city councils, and county commissions.   Jane Mayer’s book Dark Money  details this.  She  and other activists including’s Bill McKibben have been followed by hired operatives who try to intimidate them.

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