CU Students: “Divest from Fossil Fuel Stocks”

In camping out, the students remind me of the  cardboard shantytown that students built and lived in 26 years ago to pressure the CU  adminstrators to divest from  companies doing business with apartheid South Africa.   Here is an article on the protest.  We printed the divest  t-shirts for the CU students.  And 26 years ago,  Jimmy […]

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Eduardo Galeano- stories of intimate connections between freedom and slavery, richness and poverty.

Democracy Now shows an  article  on and interviews with Galeano.  He fled military dictatorships because he didn’t want to be in a jail ,” to lay in a cemetery… as death is very boring” .  He wrote of “our  possible greatness,  our possible beauty” and to remind us of the exploitation that has been done […]

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Stop current neonicotinoid pesticides! Plus Portland bans them on city land!

Tell  EPA  to ban current neonicotinaoid pesticides, not just limit some future ones!   Neonicotinoids kill bees butterflies, and  ladybugs.  This recent article shows the public relations tactic of the EPA pretending to regulate in the future while allowing more neonicotinoid pesticide use now.  Write letters to your newspapers, please.

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Turn yard into garden

A neighbor just got a load of compost to fill the raised beds he has been digging and framing.  Here is an article about how raised bed gardens give veggies plus stuff for bees and butterflies.

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photos of humans displacing nature

Scary photos of  oil spill fire,  forest clearcuts, and humanity displacing nature.

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Global warming weakens ocean currents and harms fish

Global warming melts polar ice, which slows down ocean currents, and cools Europe,  heats Africa, and reduces fish stocks, according to a new article.

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Spring & Snow, Elk & Frogs

Today sleet and graupel, yesterday daffodils and crocuses.  Last Saturday, a herd of 50 elk stampeded past me while I was hiking in the foothills.  The ground seemed to shake. I never have heard before the sound of a herd stampeding.   We found turkey tracks in the snow patches while we postholed thru remnants […]

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Forests threatened by global warming

Warmer temperatures and droughts may lead to trees drying out faster than they can suck up water. According to an article in Rolling Stone, drought stressed trees have less sap to use to defend themselves from insects.  They are also more vulnerable to  wildfires.  Instead of live tress absorbing carbon, dead trees may release carbon. […]

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The Universe in Perspective

Check out the Scale of the Universe to see examples from the huge to the tiny, from subatomic particles up to the galaxies, and many things in between. Human sizes seem to be about in the middle, between 10-35 and 1035. Watch “Cosmos” (a remake) by Neil deGrasse for details on the formation of the universe.

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Western US water supply: endangered

Satellites can calculate groundwater disappearance by measuring a decrease in gravitational attraction. With less water in the ground, there is less mass and less attraction. The Colorado River Basin has lost 17 trillion gallons since 2004, mostly groundwater. Our water use is steadily growing, but groundwater losses take millennia to be restored by nature. Seventy percent of the basin’s water […]

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