Stop New Loopholes in Clean Water Act

New loopholes would  remove protections from ponds, wetlands, and streams if they are over 4000 feet from other waters, if they are used for farming, ranching, or silviculture, if they are channelized or ditched, or if they are connected underground to other waters.

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Ban Elephant Ivory Trade in China & Hong Kong

link to article on how ivory is smuggled from Africa to China and Hong Kong via Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.

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Reasons to Ban Ivory Sales

Corruption, organized crime, low pay for game wardens and custom officials, high demand from China, and more trade between China  and Africa contribute to Elephant poaching.  Link

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California Bans Trapping of Bobcats-Good News!


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Goldman Sachs Charged Huge Fees and Penalties to Greece & Detroit

Goldman Sachs  burdened Greece, Oakland, and the Detroit Water Dept., and the Chicago school system with huge fees and penalties involving complex   interest rate swaps (financial derivatives), according to Robert Reich in the Nation –link.  The amounts are large: $ 793 million in fees from Greece plus an increase in its debt of $ […]

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Ivory Trade Ban!

Great News! Obama Bans Ivory Trade! Link to NYT article.

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We can save the oceans!

Reducing fishing, protecting marine areas, and banning large trawlers help.  Activists are organizing in the Blue Frontier movement.  David Helvarg wrote about saving the seas in the Progressive.  He wrote Saved by the Sea:Hope, Heartbreak, and wonder in the Blue World.

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Lawsuits against Global Warming

Citizens & youth are winning lawsuits!  Incriminating Exxon papers are found by UCS.  Here is the link.

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Movie & Book on PR Deceit- re: Global Warming, War, Smoking

The same few scientists have been paid to lie to create  doubt about the dangers of smoking, fossil fuels, global warming, nuclear war, and missile defense systems. The movie plays in Boulder at the Boedecker July 15-18. Here is info on the book.

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White Pelicans, Canyon Wrens, & a Poorwill

White pelicans rhythmically  lunged their bills down into the shallow water while   swimming  together yesterday morning at Walden Pond.   At 7pm I hiked up a foothill to watch the sunset.  Canyon wrens  sang their swinging,  descending  notes in the twilight.  One darted about on the cliff face.  Other birds flew out and back, […]

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