Grow Local & Organic Food & Community

The Dervais family grow enough food on their yard to feed themselves and to make a living. Click here to see u-tube video of them.   Click here for their FB page.  Click here for their website. Here are  books on local  food production and  permaculture .  Here is Organic Life magazine.   Here is info on […]

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Tell Congress NO on Fast Track at 1-888-804-8311

Please call your Representative.  Otherwise laws that protect dolphins, water quality, food safety,  and health can be overturned.  Also, you can email Congress by clicking  here.  

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Elk, Mountain Views, & Shooting Star flowers

  Elk with velvet green antlers at 7000 ‘, shooting star flower by the creek (with its petals/sepals bent back, the neat red zigzag at its mouth, stamens poking out and down, waiting for the buzzing of a bee to release the pollen) , pasque flowers, larkspur, views from 8200 ‘ of the snowclad mountains […]

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Demand Votes against TPP & Fast Track- Save Wildlife & Ourselves

Write letters to the editor.  Call &  email  your Representative and Senators. Here it shows how TPP will prevent regulations on  food safety, Wall Street, water pollution, and global warming. Here it shows how parts of the TPP and Fast Track allow foreign corporations to overturn laws that limit water pollution  caused by metal mining […]

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Wildflowers, a coyote, and a spotted towhee

Wallflowers, penstemons, bluebells,  rose bushes,  cinquefoil, a coyote striding thru a prairie dog campus, a spotted towhee that was so tame, it didn’t fly away from the bush by the edge of the path as we walked below it and then above it.

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Pasque Flowers and Frogs

Last Sunday fields of pasque flowers, a few larkspurs, and lots of sand lilies at 8000 feet in mixed ponderosa/ doug fir forest.  A downy woodpecker and lots of frog calls. from little pocket ponds in the rock.

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7 Baby Ducklings by Boulder Creek

I just saw 7 ducklings.  They shake their heads.  Their mom tilts her head, quacks , and herds them from behind.

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Good News- 4 Baby Orcas Born in the Salish Sea off Vancouver

A customer from Bainbridge Island, Washington, told me that 4 baby orcas were recently born near there.  This good news as the population of orcas thee had not been doing so well.

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Birds Return and Trees Flower

In the last few days  swallows returned to nests  under the bridge on the bike path. A friend at Mammoth Mountain CA,  heard the long eerie call of  the common loon  and the drumming of a Williamson sapsucker on April 12th. A cousin in Chippewa Falls, WI heard a loon call 2 weeks ago, before […]

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Birds Overhead

  Yesterday, a great blue heron flew over me as I biked.  Then two hawks swooped over a runner ahead of me.  Recently, a hawk flew along with me, just above my head, on my bike for several seconds.  Then it alighted on a pole just in front of me.  While it sat there, another […]

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