Protest to Stop Trump from Nuclear First Strike

Get Congress or the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment. Pass the pass the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017.  Impeach him. Pass a law that requires the approval of the Secy of Defense or the Secy of State for a nuclear first strike.

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Nobel Prize Goes to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Over 135 countries agreed at the UN to  sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Two nuns, Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte, spoke here in Colorado recently about how young people worked very hard  this year  at the UN to form a coalition to produce a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.   Once 50 countries have […]

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Great Movie on Coral Reefs Declines Due to Warmer Ocean Temperatures

This movie shows how 29 % or the 1200 mile long Great Barrier Reef has died in one year.  People set out to photograph the changes in the reefs. First they created and anchored cameras that took pictures. Then they manually took pictures every day.  They then start educating people about how to reduce climate […]

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Time to Treat Climate Change as an Emergency & Demand that Governments Act

An article in the Guardian ponted out by the Earth Guaradians  asserts we can still keep the temperature rise below 1.5 Centigrade, but that we need a new way to speak about and motivate change.

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"Straws" Movie- Stop Straws and Plastics Pollution in Oceans

“Straws” Movie- Stop Straws and Plastics Pollution in Oceans

 “STRAWS” OCTOBER 4, 2017 October 4, 2017 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm-   Boulder Meadows Branch Library ,4800 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80303

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Protestors and Dreamers Needed for Justice for People and for Nature

It says that those who  challenge to racism, colonialism, sexism, elitism, militarism, classism, exceptionalism, chauvinism, triumphalism, nationalism, religionism, …. are marginalized in historical accounts, yet their protests and “impossible” dreams are vital for change and justice.   About changing what is considered doable:  ( A friend said that Bernie Sanders is bringing up the […]

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houston flooding

Politicians & Reporters Need to Talk About Climate Change

Texas and Florida politicians deny climate change and refuse to talk about it.  Ex- Exxon CEO Tillerson, now secy of state, says he will eliminate the State Dept . climate change envoy. Politicians lie about climate change to help oil companies who have given lots of money to  them. As temps rise, the ice […]

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Parasites Have Value to Ecosystems & Many May Go Extinct

Parasites are important in  keeping a balance among different life forms and in processing dead creatures into food for other creatures. Parasites comprise 80 % of the food web, and the majority of the biomass. One third of parasites could go extinct due to climate change.  For an example, parasites cause crickets to jump into streams […]

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Building in Wetlands, on Beaches, & in Floodplains Increases Damage

Development and disasters

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Dark Money Talk Today in Boulder

The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a talk by Lisa Graves of the Center for Media and Democracy on 9-18-17 at What: Meet-up on Dark Money in Politics  When: Monday, September 18 6:30-8p.m. MDT Where: Elevations Credit Union, 2960 Diagonal Hwy, Boulder, CO 80301 Sponsor: League of Women Voters of Boulder County How: There is no charge […]

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