Need Paper Ballots and Audits for Elections

I really liked the new movie, I Voted? “, which shows how vulnerable electronic voting machines are.  Also, on line voting is totally hackable.  We need paper ballots to be able to do audits.  In 30 seconds of access to an electronic voting machine, all the machines in an area can be hacked.  Does your vote count? The answer is both surprising & disturbing. Learn how America’s voting works in this non-partisan documentary. This is in addition to problems of taking hundreds of thousands of voters off of the voting rolls, reducing the number of polling places,their hours, and the number of machines.  Currently, voting machine companies, their lobbyists, and county and state officials dominate the discussion.  They don’t want anyone to interfere.  Democracy Now had a show on this on 11-30-16. Also, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis have a new book, Strip and Flip, about this.  The central tabulators can be hacked.  The optical scanners can be hacked.  So we need paper ballots and audits, which many European countries have. also has many articles about election fraud.

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