Mountain top Removal Coal Mining Pollutes


Mountaintop removal poisons the people, air, land, and streams.  And it destroys the forest ecosystems, leaving toxic piles and ponds of waste.  There is some good news in that ” former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is serving a prison sentence for conspiring to violate mine safety measures.”  “. “It is done with purpose knowing that water, air, and soil are all being poisoned and knowing that elevated rates of cancer, heart and lung disease, and birth defects in surrounding communities are directly attributed to this specific form of coal mining. It is time for President Obama to speak to the heartache of living near mountaintop removal. It is also time for the Sierra Club and other large organizations to fully support the ACHE Act and end mountaintop removal.”  Mountaintop Removal Never Ended:Coal River Mountaineers Fight On

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