Mega-Forest Fires Show Dangers of Climate Change

The air was full of smoke from forest fires  here in Boulder and  across the west.  This summer there were 4 fires over 100,000 acres at once in the US: the Ranch Fire (over 600 square miles in N. CA), the  Carr Fire in N. CA, the South Sugarloaf Fire in N. NV, and the Spring Creek Fire in S. CO.  Also, there were over 500 fires in British Columbia. Sweden had forest fires above the Arctic Circle. 90 people died in forest fires  during an extreme heat wave in Greece.  California state agencies said that  maximum daily temperatures could rise by 8.8 degrees by 2100, and 2/3 of beaches in CA would be lost to sea level rise by 2100.  And Trump is trying to relax  Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which limits the greenhouse gases from coal power plants.   Trump’s plan would let states  set theirweak limits, so it would increase the emissions of greenhouse gases.  Also, there would be 1400 more deaths  per year from pollution from power plants.  from  “Fire Alarm”, by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, Sept 10,2018

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