James Hansen says “Act to Save the World from Climate Change”

In Jeff Goodell’s Rolling Stone article, James Hansen says we need a new political party that takes no money from lobbyists, and we need a carbon tax on fossil fuels that is distributed back to the people.  Further, he says we need to improve our forestry and agricultural practices in order to take carbon out of the air.  Further we need to triple  research into carbon free energy.  Also, we need to reduce our emissions several per cent per year.  He nonviolently protested several times against the Keystone XL pipeline and fossil fuel projects.

Ken Regelson says there is hope, as wind (1.7 cents per KWH) and solar cost much less than coal, and there are great advances in storage:  new batteries, pumping water uphill, running weighted trains uphill, heating up molten salt and storing it to produce steam, compressing air. ….

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