Encountered a Moose and a Meteor While Hiking

Friends led me on a hike up the north side of a  local  9,000 foot high mountain last Sunday.  We scrambled over downed trunks from an earlier forest fire.  It was comforting to regularly encounter cairns on the way up.  Dave was a few hundred feet ahead as we hiked down a trail in the darkening twilight.  He turned on his headlight, and I complained, telling him to put it under a bushel.   He came back up the trail in a rush, saying that he had encountered a moose.   Someone said we should find trees to climb up to escape. We scrambled uphill away from the moose, and the moose peaceably ambled up the trail.   After hiking with our headlamps for a while, we stopped to look up at the stars.  Suddenly a bright meteor streaked across the sky. The Milky Way, Cygnus, and Cassiopeia stood out. Later we saw another meteor.

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