Election Theft- Dark Money, Gerrymandering, & Voter Suppression

There is a new article in the Rolling Stone by  on how the Republicans are using  3 things to disenfranchise everyone else: dark money; gerrymandering with vote stuffing ( make a few districts 100% Dems and then have most districts with a 60% Republicans); and making it harder to vote: by requiring new ids , limiting the hours open, limiting the locations, taking people off the voting rolls if they don’t respond to a postcard, removing them  if they miss an election, removing them if they have a name similar to a felon, challenging them at the polls, posting flyers in lower income areas that  give the wrong times and locations for voting, putting up signs saying that people will face arrest if they vote while they have unpaid fines, posting police men at the polls to intimidate, not having enough machines in Dem precincts, and the hacking the electronic voting  machines and the vote counting machines,….   (https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/gop-rigs-elections-gerrymandering-voter-id-laws-dark-money-w515664)

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