Election Fraud – Demand Paper Ballots Like Germany

Alan Gilbert describes how electronic voting machines can be hacked easily. Technicians and hackers can hack into the machines and change the totals, even decreasing the vote totals for opposition candidates. The machines can be set up to look like they pass a test like the fraudulent VW emission tests, then toggled back to change the totals.  He says that we need to compare exit polls to the ballots to see if the votes are being stolen.   The UN and the US State Department do this in foreign countries to see if the elections are being stolen.    But they do not allow this in the US.        Then there are the traditional vote suppression tactics: reducing the number of voting locations and machines in minority and student areas, require extra id in order to vote,  limit the hours and days when someone can vote, limit the times and places where you can register to vote, sending junk mail look alike letters with small print saying that you have to sign an return it to continue to vote,  dropping someone from the voting rolls if they didn’t vote in every recent election, don’t open the voting building, have police claim that there is a problem, station police cars outside the voting place, tell minorities that they vote at special places and times which are incorrect,  remove names of minorities and students from the lists of registered voters, change their party affiliation, limiting who can be in the debates, limiting the number of debates, having a stalemate in the FEC  between Democrats and Republicans so no one is prosecuted for violations, passing laws that prevent former prisoners from voting, using prison populations to compute the potential voters to give rural areas  the right to more state senators and representatives,  claiming that there is election fraud by minorities as an excuse to remove them from the registered voting list, drawing voting districts so that most of  the minorities or democrats are concentrating in a few gerrymandered districts where they are certain to win but leaving them out of all the other congressional districts where the Republicans will then win, staging a riot outside the places where the votes are being counted, paying the relatives of some Supreme Court justices to decide in favor of GW Bush, training CIA operatives in how to manipulate elections, passing Citizens’s United, and revoking campaign finance reform and transparency laws that require the funders of ads and campaigns to identify themselves.
Host: Jim Banks
Exit Polling and Fraud

Alan Gilbert is John Evans professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver and author of Marx’s Politics:Communists and Citizens, Democratic Individuality, Must Global Politics Constrain Democracy and most recently Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the War for Independenc. He has recently blogged about exit polling and possible election fraud.  link link

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