Deforestation Stops the “Biotic Pump” that Suck Moist Air in from Oceans

“Clearing Forests May Transform Local and Global Climate” 

“The ‘biotic pump’ theory argues that natural forests act as a “pump” that draws moisture inland.  condensation, rather than temperature differential, is a primary driver of weather….”

“Here’s a snapshot of the concept: The concentration of trees in wooded areas means a high rate of transpiration. This moist air cools as it ascends and the water vapor condenses, producing a partial vacuum. This creates an air pressure gradient, whereby the forest canopy sucks in moist air from the ocean. According to Gorshkov and Makarieva, forests don’t merely grow in wet areas, they create and perpetuate the conditions in which they grow. Without forest cover—specifically mature, natural forest to ensure sufficient biomass and resilience—moisture is no longer pulled in, the physicists say. Rain becomes erratic and ultimately stalls.”

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