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WIldlife and Wildlands Photo Contest

The Defenders of Wildlife photo contest is going on now thru 3-24-17 with prizes up to a $ 1000 gift certificate. Photos should be of wildlife or wildlife habitat. Wild lands must be natural and in North America. Animals must be wild and listed or proposed for listing as threatened or endangered.   Details

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Stop Colorado Plan to Kill of Bears and Cougar

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) proposes to hunt and trap bears and cougars and then kill them, claiming that this will help deer populations.  This is an old disproved claim.  Aldo Leopold wrote in 1949 that idea of killing predators to increase deer numbers was wrong. “We reached the old wolf in time to watch […]

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Penguins walk into the sea after people cleaned the oil off of them!

It is neat when people care and rehabilitate penguins harmed byoil pollution! Videolink.

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Butterfly Walk on July 4 above Boulder

Each year Janet Chu and her friends and relatives lead a butterfly census, sort of  like an Audubon bird count.  Janet Chu and Steve Jones wrote BUTTERFLIES OF THE COLORADO FRONT RANGE: A Photographic Guide to 80 Species, by Janet R. Chu and Stephen R. Jones. The guide covers the common species seen along the Colorado Front […]

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Southern Plains Land Trust Benefit Dinner Tonight 6-17

A great group that prserves prairie habitat and wildlife hosts its fundraising dinner tonight.  Jim Morris Environmental T-shirts is donating some shirts to them. Link

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Elephants and Rhinos

A lovelorn bull elephant walked 130 miles, traveling by night and hiding by day, looking for a mate. He was avoiding the poachers who send ivory to China. Over 150 park rangers in the Congo have been killed by poachers in the last 10 years. Last year poachers killed 1338 rhinos in Africa. “Elephant Stealth […]

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Great Elephant & Orangutan Film

  See the film “Born to Be Wild”  and donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust refuge for orphaned elephants and to the Orangutan Foundation International for orphaned orangutans.  This is an upbeat film, with adorable young elephants and orangutans being reintroduced into the wild.   The film shows  orphans  rescued after poachers have killed […]

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Elephants: Locals and Activists versus International Gangs

Community conservancies provide  jobs as rangers and income to poor local people. Then the clans protect the elephants.  Elephants are being killed faster than they can reproduce.  Their range has decreased from 3 million square miles in 1978 to 1 million square miles in 2007. The Russian mob, Irish organized gangs,  the Chinese mafia, and […]

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Reasons to Ban Ivory Sales

Corruption, organized crime, low pay for game wardens and custom officials, high demand from China, and more trade between China  and Africa contribute to Elephant poaching.  Link

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Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival poster

Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival

Come see films about rhinos, condors, pandas, hawks, and orangutans;  films about native cultures: Mayans, Inuit, Nuxalk, Micronesians, and Hawaiians; “Damnation”, about dams; and “Burden of Dreams”, about the making of Herzog’s “Fitzcarraldo” in the Amazon. The Festival is run by the Boulder County Audubon Society, a voice for migratory bird and wildlife conservation through habitat […]

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