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Use Poetic Religious Language to Connect with and Save Wildlife

Geroge Monbiot says use words like nature, wildlife, life, beauty, awe of nature, “the silence when we watch wild animals”,living planet, natural world, places of natural wonder, and ecocide instead of colorless economic terms.  This is because certain words trigger responses. Here is his article:

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"Straws" Movie- Stop Straws and Plastics Pollution in Oceans

“Straws” Movie- Stop Straws and Plastics Pollution in Oceans

 “STRAWS” OCTOBER 4, 2017 October 4, 2017 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm-   Boulder Meadows Branch Library ,4800 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80303

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Protestors and Dreamers Needed for Justice for People and for Nature

It says that those who  challenge to racism, colonialism, sexism, elitism, militarism, classism, exceptionalism, chauvinism, triumphalism, nationalism, religionism, …. are marginalized in historical accounts, yet their protests and “impossible” dreams are vital for change and justice.   About changing what is considered doable:  ( A friend said that Bernie Sanders is bringing up the […]

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Trumpeter Swans Flourish

Once they were common in the US and Canada. Then they were hunted for their feathers, skins, and meat. Around 1933 there were only 70 trumpeter swans left in the lower 48 states. Now there are more than 63,000. They recovered because hunting was banned, remnant populations were discovered in Alaska and near Yellowstone, wildlife […]

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Help Natives, Salmon, & Rivers – Stop Dirty Gold Mine

Trump and EPA head Pruitt just reversed the protection of Alaska’s Bristol Bay salmon rivers.  Please write your politicians and letters to the editor to protest this.  Pruitt is approving a  mine that will produce 10 million tons of mining waste at the headwaters of the watershed.  Native-Americans, Alaskans,  fishermen, and enviros oppose the Pebble […]

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Ask Congress to Ban the Trade in Shark Fins

Click to ask your senators and representative to ban the trade in shark fins in the US.

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WIldlife and Wildlands Photo Contest

The Defenders of Wildlife photo contest is going on now thru 3-24-17 with prizes up to a $ 1000 gift certificate. Photos should be of wildlife or wildlife habitat. Wild lands must be natural and in North America. Animals must be wild and listed or proposed for listing as threatened or endangered.   Details

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Stop Colorado Plan to Kill of Bears and Cougar

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) proposes to hunt and trap bears and cougars and then kill them, claiming that this will help deer populations.  This is an old disproved claim.  Aldo Leopold wrote in 1949 that idea of killing predators to increase deer numbers was wrong. “We reached the old wolf in time to watch […]

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Penguins walk into the sea after people cleaned the oil off of them!

It is neat when people care and rehabilitate penguins harmed byoil pollution! Videolink.

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Butterfly Walk on July 4 above Boulder

Each year Janet Chu and her friends and relatives lead a butterfly census, sort of  like an Audubon bird count.  Janet Chu and Steve Jones wrote BUTTERFLIES OF THE COLORADO FRONT RANGE: A Photographic Guide to 80 Species, by Janet R. Chu and Stephen R. Jones. The guide covers the common species seen along the Colorado Front […]

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