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Being Out in Nature Makes Us Healthy

Trees give off anti-microbial compounds.  People exercise and socialize out in wild places.  “It reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and preterm birth, and increases sleep duration.”

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Being in Wild Places Reduces Stress

George Wuerthner sent  out this              Abstract: A growing number of studies have shown that visiting green spaces and being exposed to natural environments can reduce psychological stress. A number of questions concerning the effects of natural environments on levels of stress remain including, “Are activities engaged in natural environments […]

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Protect Wild Places- from a Talk by George Wuerthner

On 6-6-18, George Wuerthner, presented his talk “Wilderness Under Siege”, about the current threats to wild places and the history of attempts to protect wilderness areas. He mentioned that we value wild places many reasons: for beauty, reverence, wonder, clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, more biodiversity, more resiliency, carbon storage, oxygen, intrinsic value, reciprocity, a […]

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Call your Senators to Protect the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area from Sulfide Mining

There are amendments to  the Defense Authorization Bill that would allow the PolyMet mine and prevent environmental review of mining. Find your senators phone # here: “This is the most beautiful lake country on the continent. We can afford to cherish and protect it.” SIGURD F. OLSON   Protecting the Boundary Waters from Sulfide […]

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George Wuerthner

Wilderness Talk by George Wuerthner- “Dream Big”

He told neat stories, recounted the history of the fight for wilderness, pointed out the current threats, and told us  : to spend a lot of time out in wilderness,  gave us reasons to protect wilderness, told us to write letters to the editor and to read books by Bob Marshall, Olaus Murie, Sigurd Olson, […]

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Use Poetic Religious Language to Connect with and Save Wildlife

Geroge Monbiot says use words like nature, wildlife, life, beauty, awe of nature, “the silence when we watch wild animals”,living planet, natural world, places of natural wonder, and ecocide instead of colorless economic terms.  This is because certain words trigger responses. Here is his article:

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Protect Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalente National Monuments

You can comment  at    Also, here is  info from High Country News.  Here is  sample letter from Beverly Kurtz: “President Trump and Secretary Zinke, I have spent most of my adult life recreating in Utah. I am a hiker and river runner and I believe that the areas protected by Bears Ears and […]

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Bill to Sell Off Public Lands Is Stopped for Now

After protests by environmentalists, politicians, hunters, and recreationists,  the bad bill by Chaffetz to sell off 3.3 million acres of public lands was withdrawn.  But the Republican Congress already made it easier to sell off lands by pretending they are worthless by forbidding the Congressional Budget Office from considering  the income from the public lands. […]

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Bear Ears Nat. Mon.

New Monument Protects Wild Canyons in Utah

President Obama protected Utah canyonlands by designating the new Bear Ears National Monument. Native Americans have gathered medicinal plants, firewood, and carried out ceremonies there.  Native Americans will be involved in managing this area. The area will be protected from oil and gas drilling and development.  Please call your federal senators and representative, telling them […]

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