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Ban Predator Poisons- Use Fencing, Alarms, & Guard Animals

Compound 1080 is is a persistent poison.  It kills wolves, eagles, bears, coyotes, and dogs.  It can kill humans too.  There are better ways to protect livestock. Groups have filed a petition to the EPA to  Also, it causes a slow and painful death.  “Compound 1080 poisoning is the most inhumane, torturous way for an […]

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March for Immigrants Saturday Feb. 4 at 11 am Boulder


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James Hansen says “Act to Save the World from Climate Change”

In Jeff Goodell’s Rolling Stone article, James Hansen says we need a new political party that takes no money from lobbyists, and we need a carbon tax on fossil fuels that is distributed back to the people.  Further, he says we need to improve our forestry and agricultural practices in order to take carbon out […]

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Rachel Carson TV Special-PBS on 1-24-17

New TV film  “Rachel Carson” from WGBH.  Rachel Carson combined  three things: needing a sense of wonder to become curious and excited about nature; studying and learning through science about the natural world; and the need to publicize the risks and dangers of some paths, such as pesticides that were preventing birds and fishes from […]

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Protest EPA Plans to Allow Higher Radiation Levels

EPA Hid Planned Exposure Levels 1,000s of Times Safe Drinking Water Act Limits Source: RADICAL DRINKING WATER RADIATION RISE CONFIRMED IN EPA PLAN The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility group is making public these secretive plans of the EPA to weaken our legal standards for radiation  in our water.

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Designing in the Studio!

Design Design Design! Possible new designs! what do you think?    

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Swallows Leave and First Frost

The seasons change.  The swallows have left their nests under the bridge and their perchs on the wires.  Our first frost occurred last night, so gardeners brought in their tomatoes.  The streams are full of floating leaves.  I tasted the last sweet  raspberries  and corn of the year.

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Help Natives Fight Superloud Seismic Blasts for Oil Exploration

Inuit natives in Canada protest against superloud seismic blasts  done in the ocean by oil companies.  These blasts harm fish, whales, and dolphins. Please email or write Prime Minister Trudeau, asking him to stop these blasts.  Email Trudeau at   Link.  Main article at Link.

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Brand New Congress – Bernie Movement to Elect New Politicians

 LINK to radio show.  KGNU radio show: “-Brand New Congress!  Up next for the Bernie movement – hundreds of progressive candidates for 2018!  With Brand New Congress founder Corbin Trent, and local activist Jason Sherry, moderator of Colorado Progressives for Change.  A  look at BNC’s new electoral strategy. “

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Weed Pulling June 18 in Boulder to Prevent Pesticides

Bee Safe Boulder is organizing a weed pull to prevent the use of pesticides at Walker Ranch trails.  – link to event.  Folks at Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirts are donating some of our wildlife t-shirts to the volunteers.

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