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Lawsuit Against Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Turning into a Refuge

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Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Meeting – Cover-up

Here is what one activist, Susan Elofson-Hurst, said afterward: “I was at the Sharing session at the Arvada Center last night; the only ones allowed to share were the speakers. It seemed obvious that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife staff is afraid of what the public has to say. This is a tactic that CDPHE […]

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Hearing on Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Safety Today 5-15

The plant is being greenwashed- the DOE pretends it is cleaned up by making it a wildlife refuge, which is a way to avoid having to clean it up more fully ( the standards of clean-up are lower for wildlife and for  visitors and workers who would be exposed for only 8 hours per day […]

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Protest EPA Plans to Allow Higher Radiation Levels

EPA Hid Planned Exposure Levels 1,000s of Times Safe Drinking Water Act Limits Source: RADICAL DRINKING WATER RADIATION RISE CONFIRMED IN EPA PLAN The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility group is making public these secretive plans of the EPA to weaken our legal standards for radiation  in our water.

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Rocky Flats Radioactive Weapons Plant


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