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Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide’s Additional Ingredients May Be More Dangerous Than Its Carcinogenic Main Ingredient

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Rachel Carson-PBS Special

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Republican House “Farm” Bill H.R. 2 Threatens Wildlife, Forests, and People

You can go here for a sample script to use in calling your your US Representative asking them to oppose HR 2 :   Here are more details from Center for Biological Diversity: Sick Joke’: House Agriculture Committee Advances Farm Bill Attacking Environment, Endangered Species The House Agriculture Committee passed H.R. 2, the 2018 Farm Bill, […]

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Trump EPA Considers Approving Bee-killing Pesticide

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will consider allowing the bee-killing pesticide thiamethoxam to be sprayed on the most widely grown crops in the U.S. The application, if approved, would allow the highly toxic pesticide to be sprayed directly on 165 million acres of wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, alfalfa, rice and potato.”

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Boulder County Hearing on GMO crops

Boulder County Commissioners public hearing on phasing out GMO crops and pesticides on county lands at 3 -5 pm on Wednesday, 11-30-16. 3:00 p.m. To 5 pm PARKS AND OPEN SPACE DEPARTMENT Public Hearing: Commissioners will consider the Draft Transition Plan for Phasing Out GE Crops on Boulder County Open Space Property PUBLIC COMMENT An […]

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weed pull 6-18-16

Weed Pulling to Prevent Pesticides

Thanks to Bee Safe Boulder for organizing great volunteers to pull weeds and  prevent pesticides! We at Jim Morris T-Shirts are happy to donate some wildlife t-shirts.

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Glyphosphate Pesticide Cover-Up and Whitewash – Inert Hurts!

The co-chairs of the FAO/WHO/UN committee  just claimed glyphophate was safe, but their institute received over $ 1 million dollars from Monsanto and other pesticide companies.  Also, researchers found that the”inert”  and ” secret”  ingredients appear to increase the toxicity of Roundup over just glyphosphate.  Pesticide companies try to keep their additives condiential as “trade […]

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Atrazine Pesticide Harms mammals, Birds, Fish, Frogs, & Aquatic Animals

Beyond Pesticides says that it feminizes male frogs, and is linked to childhood cancers and birth defects.  It is applied to corn, sugarcane, forests, and sorghum.  Syngenta, the pesticide company, criticized its former researcher after he found that it caused reproductive problems in frogs. Link to article on his research and their attacks on him.  Article by  Center […]

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Stop current neonicotinoid pesticides! Plus Portland bans them on city land!

Tell  EPA  to ban current neonicotinaoid pesticides, not just limit some future ones!   Neonicotinoids kill bees butterflies, and  ladybugs.  This recent article shows the public relations tactic of the EPA pretending to regulate in the future while allowing more neonicotinoid pesticide use now.  Write letters to your newspapers, please.

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