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Protestors and Dreamers Needed for Justice for People and for Nature

It says that those who  challenge to racism, colonialism, sexism, elitism, militarism, classism, exceptionalism, chauvinism, triumphalism, nationalism, religionism, …. are marginalized in historical accounts, yet their protests and “impossible” dreams are vital for change and justice.   About changing what is considered doable:  ( A friend said that Bernie Sanders is bringing up the […]

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Watch Perseid Meteor Shower Aug. 11 and 12

For Colorado after 12:30am seems best- after the moon sets=  for Colorado, go to for best ways to view, go to

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Spring! Birds Return!

Biking and hiking, I spied barn swallows returning to nests above the bike underpass  ring necked ducks, comorants, red-winged blackbirds, meadowlarks belting out their songs in meadows, a bald eagle,  and goslings.  The flowers are also sprouting out:  plum trees, apple trees, cheery trees, spring beauties, stork’s bill, pasque flowres, sand lilies, and oregon grape.

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We can save the oceans!

Reducing fishing, protecting marine areas, and banning large trawlers help.  Activists are organizing in the Blue Frontier movement.  David Helvarg wrote about saving the seas in the Progressive.  He wrote Saved by the Sea:Hope, Heartbreak, and wonder in the Blue World.

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White Pelicans, Canyon Wrens, & a Poorwill

White pelicans rhythmically  lunged their bills down into the shallow water while   swimming  together yesterday morning at Walden Pond.   At 7pm I hiked up a foothill to watch the sunset.  Canyon wrens  sang their swinging,  descending  notes in the twilight.  One darted about on the cliff face.  Other birds flew out and back, […]

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Camping & Hiking up a Peak

I went overnight camping aways up a trail for the first time in several years. We climbed up a 12,432 foot peak. Most of the snow was gone, and the flowers were out. We camped in the bristlecone pine, limber pine  and spruce next to a huge willow swamp. Lots of mysterious granite pinnacles, towers, cliffs, and […]

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