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Warming Ocean Currents Slow from Melting Arctic Ice

Northern Europe could get colder as global circulation that transfers heat from the tropics to the temperate zones could shut down.

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Wind & Solar Are Cheaper than Coal! & They Save the Planet!

Ken Regelson says there is hope, as wind (1.7 cents per KWH) and solar cost much less than coal, and there are great advances in storage:  new batteries, pumping water uphill, running weighted trains uphill, heating up molten salt and storing it to produce steam, compressing air. …. People, cities, and companies can save lots […]

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James Hansen says “Act to Save the World from Climate Change”

In Jeff Goodell’s Rolling Stone article, James Hansen says we need a new political party that takes no money from lobbyists, and we need a carbon tax on fossil fuels that is distributed back to the people.  Further, he says we need to improve our forestry and agricultural practices in order to take carbon out […]

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Woman Professor Blocks Doors of Fracking Gas Pipeline

Another fracking  pipeline constructed by Spectra blew up in April in Pennsylvania.  If this new Spectra pipeline blew up where it passes near the Indian Point  nuclear power plant, it could cause a catastrophe.  Plus, pipelines and drilling for fracked gas  pollute the air and water in addition to accelerating global warming. Link

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Help Anti-Fracking Petitions

Please gather signatures for petitions to keep oil fracking away from schools, homes, and hospitals.   Link to circulate petitions or donate.  Link to a good article in the Boulder Weekly.

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Huge Fire at Tar Sands

The area of forests burned due to climate change has doubled and soon will double again.   Article

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Hero Mike Roselle Talks Strategy & Motivation

Mike Roselle says that we need confrontation, controversy,   sacrifice, noncooperation, going to jail, and civil disobedience. He has stopped timeber sales and nuclear tests.  He cofounded Earth First, The Rainforest Action Network, and the Ruckus Society.  He moved to appalachia to fight mountain top removal.   Resist!  No Compromise! “When you say nonviolent direct […]

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Activists Shut Down UK’s Largest Coal Mine


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Youth Win Against Oil, Gas, and Coal in Washington

A court ordered the state of Washington to create regulations to prevent global warming.  link

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Movie on Civil Disobedience to Stop Global Warming

See the movie “Disobedience”  on 5-5-16 in boulder at 7:30 at Alfalfas grocery (link to local showing).    It is about the protests  to break free of oil, gas, and coal.  See the movie online.

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