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Earth Guardians Wins -Court Says Protect Health Before Fracking

Link   Earth Guardians  won their lawsuit in the appeals court that the health and environment should be protected before allowing oil and gas drilling.

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Woman Professor Blocks Doors of Fracking Gas Pipeline

Another fracking  pipeline constructed by Spectra blew up in April in Pennsylvania.  If this new Spectra pipeline blew up where it passes near the Indian Point  nuclear power plant, it could cause a catastrophe.  Plus, pipelines and drilling for fracked gas  pollute the air and water in addition to accelerating global warming. Link

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Oppose Colorado Amendment 71, Protect Citizens’ Ability to Change the Constitution

The oil and gas companies are spending over $ 3 million to try to prevent citizens from amending the Colorado constitution.  They want to put fracking wells and pipelines next to homes, schools, hospitals.  They want to be able to pollute the air and water.   Here are some links to good groups and articles: […]

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Protect Our Health & Safety -Help Gather Anti-Fracking Signatures

Sunday is the deadline for getting signatures for stopping fracking near homes and schools.   LINK to help gather petitions.   The pro-oil and gas fracking companies have spent over $ 10 million dollars to stop people from protecting their health so far.   They are stacking city councils with pro fracking politicians. They flood politicians […]

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Help Anti-Fracking Petitions

Please gather signatures for petitions to keep oil fracking away from schools, homes, and hospitals.   Link to circulate petitions or donate.  Link to a good article in the Boulder Weekly.

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Teach-In on Fracking, Oil Spills, and Climate Change

On Saturday 4-23-16 from 9 to 5, fascinating speakers will be at CU Math 100 from 9 am to 5 pm.  Antonia Juhasz  (live) wrote books about oil and Bush.  Cornell professor Ingrafffea  found that natural gas wells and pipelines leak at a high rate. TEACH IN:  Featuring (live via skype) Professor Anthony Ingraffea, one of […]

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