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Fewer Big Bugs May Cause of Decrease in Whip-Poor-Wills, Nighthawks, Swallows, and Swifts

Why are big, insect-eating birds disappearing? Maybe we’re running low on bugs.

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Study & Protect the 8 Million Unknown Species

E.O.wilson writes that we need field biologists and protected reserves for about one half of the earth.

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Parasites Have Value to Ecosystems & Many May Go Extinct

Parasites are important in  keeping a balance among different life forms and in processing dead creatures into food for other creatures. Parasites comprise 80 % of the food web, and the majority of the biomass. One third of parasites could go extinct due to climate change.  For an example, parasites cause crickets to jump into streams […]

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COURTESY ROBIN SILVER A colorado Pikeminnow at the Dexter National Fish Hatchery. Wed Aug 02 10:51:45 -0600 2017 1501692705 FILENAME: 695126.jpg

the Endangered Species Act Has Saved Thousands of Species

Giant pikeminnows, Florida panthers, piping plovers, and Kirtland’s warblers have been nursed back to healthy populations due to protection  under the Endangered Species Act and due to people  studying  them, suing to protect them, and organizing to pressure government to protect them.

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Large Forest Fires Needed to Protect Wildlife

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Endangered Species Day May 20

Find endangred species events  near you.  Find  books and films about wildlife.  I like the film “Damnation” about people organizing to save rivers and their wildlife.   Link

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Great Barrier Reef Bleaching


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Tigers Increase

Tigers increase from as few as 3200 to 3890.  

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Elephants and Rhinos

A lovelorn bull elephant walked 130 miles, traveling by night and hiding by day, looking for a mate. He was avoiding the poachers who send ivory to China. Over 150 park rangers in the Congo have been killed by poachers in the last 10 years. Last year poachers killed 1338 rhinos in Africa. “Elephant Stealth […]

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Great Elephant & Orangutan Film

  See the film “Born to Be Wild”  and donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust refuge for orphaned elephants and to the Orangutan Foundation International for orphaned orangutans.  This is an upbeat film, with adorable young elephants and orangutans being reintroduced into the wild.   The film shows  orphans  rescued after poachers have killed […]

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