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Good News – China Will Shut Down Elephant Ivory

Now we need to get the other ivory markets to close:  Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan.  African countries(Kenya, Gabon, Botswana,…) led the movement to shut down.  They have been losing their rangers and elephants to poachers.  “China Signals Shutdown of its Ivory Industry” by Bill Clark will be available soon online at will […]

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Good News- US Bans Elephant Ivory Trade

Most trade in elephant ivory is now banned.  This  caused the price of ivory to drop,  and poaching may decrease.

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Elephants and Rhinos

A lovelorn bull elephant walked 130 miles, traveling by night and hiding by day, looking for a mate. He was avoiding the poachers who send ivory to China. Over 150 park rangers in the Congo have been killed by poachers in the last 10 years. Last year poachers killed 1338 rhinos in Africa. “Elephant Stealth […]

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Great Elephant & Orangutan Film

  See the film “Born to Be Wild”  and donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust refuge for orphaned elephants and to the Orangutan Foundation International for orphaned orangutans.  This is an upbeat film, with adorable young elephants and orangutans being reintroduced into the wild.   The film shows  orphans  rescued after poachers have killed […]

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“When Giants Fall” Movie on Elephant Slaughter

Park rangers, rescuers of baby elephants, activists, and groups protect elephants against the ivory poachers.  We need to persuade the Chinese government to stop the sale of ivory.  Here are groups that need support: Save the Elephants  The Thin Green Line  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  The Big Life Foundation  WildAid Environmental Investigation Agency  EIA-US

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Call your Representative to Help Elephants, Polar Bears, & Birds

There are hearings on October 8.  Ask them to oppose the bill, HR 2406, which would  overturn rules against  illegal ivory trade and  elephant poaching.  This bad bill will also allow polar bear trophies to be imported, and it will prevent rules against lead ammunition that poisons birds. Support Rep Grijalva’s amendment to protect elephants. […]

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Elephant Update

Details of Obama’s proposed regs to ban ivory trade.  link

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Elephant Protectors

“Ivory belongs to elephants only” is the message  of African natives who march and protest.  “Please be our protector.  Please deliver us from evil” is the imagined cry of the elephants.  some good news:  Daphne Sheldrick  and a team of supporters have been rescuing orphaned baby elephants.  A British zoology professor, Lee White, left studying […]

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Elephants: Locals and Activists versus International Gangs

Community conservancies provide  jobs as rangers and income to poor local people. Then the clans protect the elephants.  Elephants are being killed faster than they can reproduce.  Their range has decreased from 3 million square miles in 1978 to 1 million square miles in 2007. The Russian mob, Irish organized gangs,  the Chinese mafia, and […]

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Forest Elephants

Only a few thousand forest elephants remain in the Central African Republic.  62 %   of them were killed and they lost one third of their range between 2002 and 2011.  Peter Canby wrote in the New Yorker about Andrea Turkalo, a biologist who has observed them for years.  Activists, groups, game wardens, and researchers […]

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