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Inflammatory, Microtargeted, Facebook Ads up 2,000%

Only $100,000 in FB ads by Russians got people upset, but $1.8 billion in FB ads for 2018 elections- mostly by big oil, big pharma, and Wall Street.  There are no  election rules or  requirements of truth or limitations on FB ads.  And no one except the intended see them, so it is hard to […]

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Need Paper Ballots and Audits for Elections

I really liked the new movie, “I Voted? “, which shows how vulnerable electronic voting machines are.  Also, on line voting is totally hackable.  We need paper ballots to be able to do audits.  In 30 seconds of access to an electronic voting machine, all the machines in an area can be hacked.  Does your vote count? The […]

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Election Fraud - Demand Paper Ballots Like Germany

Election Fraud – Demand Paper Ballots Like Germany

Alan Gilbert describes how electronic voting machines can be hacked easily. Technicians and hackers can hack into the machines and change the totals, even decreasing the vote totals for opposition candidates. The machines can be set up to look like they pass a test like the fraudulent VW emission tests, then toggled back to change […]

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