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Protect Dolphins by keeping the “Dolphin Safe” Tuna Label

Ask your senators and representatives to stop the international trade bullies at the WTO and NAFTA from imposing big fines to get the US to drop its “dolphin safe”  labels for tuna.   These labels allow shoppers to avoid tuna caught in large purse seine nets  that drown dolphins.  Also, you can write letters to the […]

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Dolphin Slaughter and Capture

Activists are bearing witness and publicizing the dolphin capture and killing. Over the last 6 weeks, 68 bottlenose dolphins and 1 pilot whale were violently captured and 35 Risso’s dolphins and 16 pilot whales were slaughtered.  Dolphin Project is the Facebook address for updates.  Many dolphins were being captured  in the Japanese cove for aquariums or […]

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WTO Rules against “Dolphin Safe Label


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