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Deforestation Stops the “Biotic Pump” that Suck Moist Air in from Oceans

“Clearing Forests May Transform Local and Global Climate”  “The ‘biotic pump’ theory argues that natural forests act as a “pump” that draws moisture inland.  condensation, rather than temperature differential, is a primary driver of weather….” “Here’s a snapshot of the concept: The concentration of trees in wooded areas means a high rate of transpiration. This moist […]

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Vote for Local Electric Power Makes a Comeback!

Boulder voters  pushed forward to continue to progress towards a local, renewable electric utility! All the volunteers’s hard work is paying off.  Despite a snowstorm that made get-out -the vote efforts more difficult, dark money violating the spirit of the campaign finance law, the self-interest of cable companies that want to avoid competition by public […]

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Sea Level Rise, Soil Subsidence, and Possible Breakdown of Coastal Cities

New book mentions how sea level may rise much faster than forecast. Also, water, sewage, health, work, and electrical systems fail during flooding. Extreme Cities by Ashley Dawson

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Great Movie on Coral Reefs Declines Due to Warmer Ocean Temperatures

This movie shows how 29 % or the 1200 mile long Great Barrier Reef has died in one year.  People set out to photograph the changes in the reefs. First they created and anchored cameras that took pictures. Then they manually took pictures every day.  They then start educating people about how to reduce climate […]

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Time to Treat Climate Change as an Emergency & Demand that Governments Act

An article in the Guardian ponted out by the Earth Guaradians  asserts we can still keep the temperature rise below 1.5 Centigrade, but that we need a new way to speak about and motivate change.

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Building in Wetlands, on Beaches, & in Floodplains Increases Damage

Development and disasters

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Tony Seba Shows that Electric Cars & Trucks Will Replace Gas and Diesel in 8 Years

Great article on the collapse of big oil: Go to his speech in Boulder on June 8:

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Wind & Solar Are Cheaper than Coal! & They Save the Planet!

Ken Regelson says there is hope, as wind (1.7 cents per KWH) and solar cost much less than coal, and there are great advances in storage:  new batteries, pumping water uphill, running weighted trains uphill, heating up molten salt and storing it to produce steam, compressing air. …. People, cities, and companies can save lots […]

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James Hansen says “Act to Save the World from Climate Change”

In Jeff Goodell’s Rolling Stone article, James Hansen says we need a new political party that takes no money from lobbyists, and we need a carbon tax on fossil fuels that is distributed back to the people.  Further, he says we need to improve our forestry and agricultural practices in order to take carbon out […]

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Activists Shut Down UK’s Largest Coal Mine


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