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Protestors and Dreamers Needed for Justice for People and for Nature

It says that those who  challenge to racism, colonialism, sexism, elitism, militarism, classism, exceptionalism, chauvinism, triumphalism, nationalism, religionism, …. are marginalized in historical accounts, yet their protests and “impossible” dreams are vital for change and justice.   About changing what is considered doable:  ( A friend said that Bernie Sanders is bringing up the […]

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How to Be an Activist-from Umbra at Grist

Here is neat set of ways to act on your beliefs about the environment and  politics, :  It includes things like: making a plan,  finding friends to protest with, moving your money from bad banks, cutting back on online time, focusing on one issue, donating money,  creating a calendar of actions, subscribe to local […]

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Video Saying Protests Work

video saying protests work

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Bioneers Boulder Today-Great Talks On Nature & Eco-Social Solutions

Today Feb. 4, near Colorado and 47th.  Last night they talked about ways that we can get off the couch and try different approaches to helping, building community, saving the earth, risking being uncomfortable,….. there are many ways.  We can try many paths and there are many people who will support us.  Also, we get […]

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Help Stop Puppy Mills and Fight Animal Cruelty

We want to help expose the awful puppy mill industry and extend our support to groups that are trying to end this and other animal abuse. This article “The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills”  provides disturbing detail of the terrible conditions found in some of these shady businesses. Please support groups […]

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Boulder County Hearing on GMO crops

Boulder County Commissioners public hearing on phasing out GMO crops and pesticides on county lands at 3 -5 pm on Wednesday, 11-30-16. 3:00 p.m. To 5 pm PARKS AND OPEN SPACE DEPARTMENT Public Hearing: Commissioners will consider the Draft Transition Plan for Phasing Out GE Crops on Boulder County Open Space Property PUBLIC COMMENT An […]

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Tell Obama to Cancel the Standing Rock DAPL pipeline

Oil companies and their contractors and police have been attacking nonviolent water protectors with dogs, tear gas, freezing water, loud sonic weapons,  rubber bullets, and deadly projectiles.  Here is a great article about the need to protect native rights and water. 220 oil pipeline spills already this year

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How To Help Standing Rock Water Protectors

Standing Rock FB page  10 ways to help Standing Rock how to contact the banks financing the standing Rcok DAPL pipeline

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Indian Country Today Link to help Standing Rock


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Hero Mike Roselle Talks Strategy & Motivation

Mike Roselle says that we need confrontation, controversy,   sacrifice, noncooperation, going to jail, and civil disobedience. He has stopped timeber sales and nuclear tests.  He cofounded Earth First, The Rainforest Action Network, and the Ruckus Society.  He moved to appalachia to fight mountain top removal.   Resist!  No Compromise! “When you say nonviolent direct […]

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