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Sea Level Rise, Soil Subsidence, and Possible Breakdown of Coastal Cities

New book mentions how sea level may rise much faster than forecast. Also, water, sewage, health, work, and electrical systems fail during flooding. Extreme Cities by Ashley Dawson

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Fall Tree Walk at CU on Wednesday at 5 pm 10-25-17

 I relish this guided tour, where arborists show us the trees on the CU campus.  They tell us about the different trees, their history, and health. Event Description: Enjoy the splendor of Boulder in the fall! Join Facilities Operations Arborist Vince Aquino to learn about the unique history and features of different species of trees […]

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Vigil at N8 Nuclear Missile Silo in Colorado

On Oct. 7 about 50 hopeful persons gathered about 2 hours north of Denver at this silo that has a nuclear weapon tipped missile.  They sang and  prayed. They were pleased that the Nobel Peace Prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons for their success in getting a UN treaty to ban […]

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Protest to Stop Trump from Nuclear First Strike

Get Congress or the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment. Pass the pass the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017.  Impeach him. Pass a law that requires the approval of the Secy of Defense or the Secy of State for a nuclear first strike.

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Nobel Prize Goes to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Over 135 countries agreed at the UN to  sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Two nuns, Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte, spoke here in Colorado recently about how young people worked very hard  this year  at the UN to form a coalition to produce a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.   Once 50 countries have […]

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Great Movie on Coral Reefs Declines Due to Warmer Ocean Temperatures

This movie shows how 29 % or the 1200 mile long Great Barrier Reef has died in one year.  People set out to photograph the changes in the reefs. First they created and anchored cameras that took pictures. Then they manually took pictures every day.  They then start educating people about how to reduce climate […]

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Time to Treat Climate Change as an Emergency & Demand that Governments Act

An article in the Guardian ponted out by the Earth Guaradians  asserts we can still keep the temperature rise below 1.5 Centigrade, but that we need a new way to speak about and motivate change.

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