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Stop Colorado Plan to Kill of Bears and Cougar

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) proposes to hunt and trap bears and cougars and then kill them, claiming that this will help deer populations.  This is an old disproved claim.  Aldo Leopold wrote in 1949 that idea of killing predators to increase deer numbers was wrong. “We reached the old wolf in time to watch […]

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Mountain top Removal Coal Mining Pollutes

Mountaintop removal poisons the people, air, land, and streams.  And it destroys the forest ecosystems, leaving toxic piles and ponds of waste.  There is some good news in that ” former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is serving a prison sentence for conspiring to violate mine safety measures.”  “. “It is done with purpose knowing that water, […]

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Coal Burning Causes Disease and Death

600,000 doctors in Britain called for an end to coal burning in an article on the health and climate effects of coal. “Pollution also disproportionately impacts children and can cause diseases ranging from lung cancer to stroke, killing 40,000 people a year in the country.”    link  We need to municipalize our electric utility  to […]

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Woman Professor Blocks Doors of Fracking Gas Pipeline

Another fracking  pipeline constructed by Spectra blew up in April in Pennsylvania.  If this new Spectra pipeline blew up where it passes near the Indian Point  nuclear power plant, it could cause a catastrophe.  Plus, pipelines and drilling for fracked gas  pollute the air and water in addition to accelerating global warming. Link

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Oppose Colorado Amendment 71, Protect Citizens’ Ability to Change the Constitution

The oil and gas companies are spending over $ 3 million to try to prevent citizens from amending the Colorado constitution.  They want to put fracking wells and pipelines next to homes, schools, hospitals.  They want to be able to pollute the air and water.   Here are some links to good groups and articles: […]

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Dolphin Slaughter and Capture

Activists are bearing witness and publicizing the dolphin capture and killing. Over the last 6 weeks, 68 bottlenose dolphins and 1 pilot whale were violently captured and 35 Risso’s dolphins and 16 pilot whales were slaughtered.  Dolphin Project is the Facebook address for updates.  Many dolphins were being captured  in the Japanese cove for aquariums or […]

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Swallows Leave and First Frost

The seasons change.  The swallows have left their nests under the bridge and their perchs on the wires.  Our first frost occurred last night, so gardeners brought in their tomatoes.  The streams are full of floating leaves.  I tasted the last sweet  raspberries  and corn of the year.

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