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Help Natives Fight Superloud Seismic Blasts for Oil Exploration

Inuit natives in Canada protest against superloud seismic blasts  done in the ocean by oil companies.  These blasts harm fish, whales, and dolphins. Please email or write Prime Minister Trudeau, asking him to stop these blasts.  Email Trudeau at   Link.  Main article at Link.

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Seismic Blasts for Oil Threaten Whales & Dolphins on East Coast

These  suuperloud seismic airgun blasting for  oil could injure 138,000 whales and dolphins  from Delaware to Florida.  The blasts go off every 10 seconds 24 hours a day.   They threaten the endangered right whale.  I first became entranced with whales when I heard that a group of  false  pilot whales had beached themselves near […]

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Brand New Congress – Bernie Movement to Elect New Politicians

 LINK to radio show.  KGNU radio show: “-Brand New Congress!  Up next for the Bernie movement – hundreds of progressive candidates for 2018!  With Brand New Congress founder Corbin Trent, and local activist Jason Sherry, moderator of Colorado Progressives for Change.  A  look at BNC’s new electoral strategy. “

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Protect Our Health & Safety -Help Gather Anti-Fracking Signatures

Sunday is the deadline for getting signatures for stopping fracking near homes and schools.   LINK to help gather petitions.   The pro-oil and gas fracking companies have spent over $ 10 million dollars to stop people from protecting their health so far.   They are stacking city councils with pro fracking politicians. They flood politicians […]

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