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Glyphosphate Pesticide Cover-Up and Whitewash – Inert Hurts!

The co-chairs of the FAO/WHO/UN committee  just claimed glyphophate was safe, but their institute received over $ 1 million dollars from Monsanto and other pesticide companies.  Also, researchers found that the”inert”  and ” secret”  ingredients appear to increase the toxicity of Roundup over just glyphosphate.  Pesticide companies try to keep their additives condiential as “trade […]

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Atrazine Pesticide Harms mammals, Birds, Fish, Frogs, & Aquatic Animals

Beyond Pesticides says that it feminizes male frogs, and is linked to childhood cancers and birth defects.  It is applied to corn, sugarcane, forests, and sorghum.  Syngenta, the pesticide company, criticized its former researcher after he found that it caused reproductive problems in frogs. Link to article on his research and their attacks on him.  Article by  Center […]

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Huge Fire at Tar Sands

The area of forests burned due to climate change has doubled and soon will double again.   Article

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Election Fraud - Demand Paper Ballots Like Germany

Election Fraud – Demand Paper Ballots Like Germany

Alan Gilbert describes how electronic voting machines can be hacked easily. Technicians and hackers can hack into the machines and change the totals, even decreasing the vote totals for opposition candidates. The machines can be set up to look like they pass a test like the fraudulent VW emission tests, then toggled back to change […]

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Hanford Nuclear Tanks Leak – More Dangerous Waste than Fukashima

 Counterpunch Story   Over the years, radioactive waste has spilled at over 1000 sites at the Hanford Plant.  Many of the single walled tanks have split, and one double walled tank has volatile substances breaching the inner wall.

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Hero Mike Roselle Talks Strategy & Motivation

Mike Roselle says that we need confrontation, controversy,   sacrifice, noncooperation, going to jail, and civil disobedience. He has stopped timeber sales and nuclear tests.  He cofounded Earth First, The Rainforest Action Network, and the Ruckus Society.  He moved to appalachia to fight mountain top removal.   Resist!  No Compromise! “When you say nonviolent direct […]

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Colorado Coal Mine Is Major Methane Emitter

The Colorado Independent had a great story about gigantic amounts of methane emitted by the Arch coal mine near Paonia.

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Activists Shut Down UK’s Largest Coal Mine


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How to Bike in the City & What to Do if in an Accident

GRist has a short video on fun biking in the city and what to do if there is an accident.  link

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Spring! Birds Return!

Biking and hiking, I spied barn swallows returning to nests above the bike underpass  ring necked ducks, comorants, red-winged blackbirds, meadowlarks belting out their songs in meadows, a bald eagle,  and goslings.  The flowers are also sprouting out:  plum trees, apple trees, cheery trees, spring beauties, stork’s bill, pasque flowres, sand lilies, and oregon grape.

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