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Group Forms Eco Challenge Each Month of Acts You Can Do to Help

“Footprints: Conscious Living through Environmentally-Friendly Choices” is a FB group that you might like.  They try to do one thing each month.  Next month it is to not buy anything new, except food or parts.  This month it is not to use disposable food containers.  And to carry a reusable coffeee cup, food container, and utensils. And to view the […]

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Obama to “Halt” New Coal Leases-

Good news.  More coal will be kept in the ground.   Link

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Cost-cutting Governor & Manager Poison Kids with Lead

link  Gov. Snyder and the manager of the city of Flint switched the city’s  water source to the river and quit using corrosion control chemicals,  all in order to save money.  Then lead and other heavy metals poisoned the people.

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Livestock Grazing on Public Lands Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion

Plus native prairie lands are overgrazed, native plants and animals, such as buffalo, are killed by government contractors,  and funds are diverted from protecting ecosystems,  native plants and animals to making improvements for ranching and logging.   Link

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“Merchants of Doubt” movie on PR for Tobacco, Oil, & other Toxics

Retired physicists and PR flacks who love to argue get paid and organized by tobacco, oil, pesticide, and other companies to create doubt and confusion about the dangers caused by their products.  They lie and deny the risks of global warming, acid rain, ozone holes, tobacco, and flame retardants.  This protects corporate profits, but it harms human […]

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The Big Short Movie & Book

Big banks are taking over.  They evicted elderly and poor people.  They bamboozled  pension funds and people into risky loans and made up fake securities: derivatives, credit swaps and credit debt obligations.  Balloon payments on loans bankrupted people.  They bribed rating agencies to rate their garbage as safe.  Then they got the their mouthpieces at […]

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Great Songbird Film – “The Messenger”

Amazing slow motion video  of the movements of the wings and tail and body of songbirds.  Then a chain of stories about threats of songbirds: cutting down the forests  for timber, oil & gas drilling pads and pipelines; persistent neonicotinoid pesticides ; domestic cats attacking birds; windows;  lights in skyscraper windows; and trapping for eating. […]

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