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WTO Rules against “Dolphin Safe Label


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Stop Sulfide Mine in Minnesota

Info  Info on mine pollution

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Stop Polluting Sulfide Mine in MN

link to examples of polluting mines, Link to group fighting MN mine

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Military = Major Greenhouse Gas Polluter

Plus military focuses on wars over oil, minerals, water, land, and shipping routes.  It protects oil fields, refineries, pipelines, and shipping routes.  It controls rivals’ access to oil and refined oil.  It sets prices to enrich US and allies and to weaken rivals.  Also, it controls who gets to buy, refine, and sell oil.  It maintains spheres […]

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“When Giants Fall” Movie on Elephant Slaughter

Park rangers, rescuers of baby elephants, activists, and groups protect elephants against the ivory poachers.  We need to persuade the Chinese government to stop the sale of ivory.  Here are groups that need support: Save the Elephants  The Thin Green Line  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  The Big Life Foundation  WildAid Environmental Investigation Agency  EIA-US

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Protest Auction of Public Lands-for Fracking, Oil, & Gas

Drilling rights to 90,000 acres will be auctioned on 11-12, including Pawnee National Grasslands. Link

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