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Visionary Environmentalism-Need A Sense of Wonder

Need   “transformation” and  “awe at the grandeur, interconnectedness and unpredictability of the ecosystems and wild landscapes”, not compromise.  Need enforceable laws and empathy for the victims, not pro-corporate appeasement.  FB post from heroine Diane Wilson.

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Heron on our Roof!

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Protests at GOP Debate- Respect Immigrants, Fight Global Warming

Link Link Link

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Foods To Avoid & To Get Because of Pesticides


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Trade Lawsuits Harm Public Health & the Environment

Laws against toxic PCBs, MMT lead, fracking, and 2-4,-D pesticides are overturned by crooked investor state dispute settlement courts.   Another reason to reject the TTP  and TTIP   ” trade” thefts .   Link

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Recycle, Reuse, and Compost, Not Landfills and Incinerators

More jobs and better for  the environment.     Link

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Good News-Obama Cancels Arctic Oil Drilling!

Thank him, and ask to make it permanent.  link

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Crane Calls Lure Me to Scan the Skies and FInd Them

On Saturday, 10-17, I heard the chortling gobbling sounds while under a large cottonwood.  After moving out from under the tree, I spied a group of aobut 100 cranes.  Similarly, on Sunday 10-18, twice I heard the calls, and each time, I moved to where I could see the sky, where I spotted over 100 […]

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Insects & Leaves

Floating leaves cast shadows, on the rocks on the  bottom of the stream. The shadows undulate  as they go over rocks and hollows.  There are still dragonflies, patrolling the streams.  Brown and orange caterpillars cross the bikepath.  I tried to guide one across the path, but it did fine on its own.   Many small […]

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Sandhill Cranes Call As They Head South-at Bob Baumgartner’s Memorial

At a cloudy sunset memorial at Walker Ranch, we heard the gobbling calls of cranes as they flew unseen over us.  It was drizzly and overcast, yet a band of  golden red appeared above the continental divide.  We were gathered for the memorial for Bob Baumgartner.   He led over 3,000 hikes.  He was very […]

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