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Coal Company Pays Front Groups to Harass Climate Scientists


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Compost & Organic Farming Absorb Carbon

Compost helps build soil, store carbon, absorb water, increase food, and  increase resilience.  Food production (mostly hemical fertilizers and feedlots) causes 20% of greenhouse gases. Ocean acidification could harm the phytoplankton, which creates much of the world’s oxygen.  See the last 5 minutes of Michael Pollan’s talk. link

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Ojibwe Tribes and Locals Defeat Wisconsin Iron Mines!

Using native sovereign treaty rights plus educating local people about the threats to water quality, wetlands, fish, wildlife, and rice beds,  natives stopped the  huge Gogebic Taconite iron  mine in northern Wisconsin.  Pro-mining  forces gave $ 15 million to Gov. Walker and  legislators.  The  company  got to write a  new state law that would allow […]

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Elephant Protectors

“Ivory belongs to elephants only” is the message  of African natives who march and protest.  “Please be our protector.  Please deliver us from evil” is the imagined cry of the elephants.  some good news:  Daphne Sheldrick  and a team of supporters have been rescuing orphaned baby elephants.  A British zoology professor, Lee White, left studying […]

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Activist asks for Non-violent Community Defense Protests

Razz Gormley volunteered to to go join Greenpeace and rappel off the bridge to block the Shell oil icebreaker in Portland.  Fracking gas companies and oil companies drilling in the Arctic corrupt our courts, legislatures, elections,  governor, and Congress. So he asks  us to help, and says there is a great group of people who […]

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People Rally Against Huge Machines

Hundreds of kayaktivists delayed the gargantuan Shell arctic drilling platform in Seattle.  1500 people  shut down the largest machine on earth, a giant coal excavator in Germany. link

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Elephants: Locals and Activists versus International Gangs

Community conservancies provide  jobs as rangers and income to poor local people. Then the clans protect the elephants.  Elephants are being killed faster than they can reproduce.  Their range has decreased from 3 million square miles in 1978 to 1 million square miles in 2007. The Russian mob, Irish organized gangs,  the Chinese mafia, and […]

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Forest Elephants

Only a few thousand forest elephants remain in the Central African Republic.  62 %   of them were killed and they lost one third of their range between 2002 and 2011.  Peter Canby wrote in the New Yorker about Andrea Turkalo, a biologist who has observed them for years.  Activists, groups, game wardens, and researchers […]

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Greenpeace Delayed Shell

A Boulder activist with Frack Free Colorado hung from the bridge with other Greenpeace activists, delaying the Shell icebreaker ship from getting up Alaska.  The activists  who were hanging  100 feet below the bridge and  100 feet above the water and roped together.  After 3 of them were removed by police, lots of kayaks tried […]

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Stop New Loopholes in Clean Water Act

New loopholes would  remove protections from ponds, wetlands, and streams if they are over 4000 feet from other waters, if they are used for farming, ranching, or silviculture, if they are channelized or ditched, or if they are connected underground to other waters.

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