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Camping & Hiking up a Peak

I went overnight camping aways up a trail for the first time in several years. We climbed up a 12,432 foot peak. Most of the snow was gone, and the flowers were out. We camped in the bristlecone pine, limber pine  and spruce next to a huge willow swamp. Lots of mysterious granite pinnacles, towers, cliffs, and […]

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Stop to Smell the Blue Irises & Hug a Tree

I  put my nose up against some  blue irises  to smell their grape scent.  Suddenly, yellow and gold lines were curving away from me.  A snake had been sunning on the rock by the irises, and I had startled it.   The irises around town are starting to fade in the heat.   A pair […]

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Grow Local & Organic Food & Community

The Dervais family grow enough food on their yard to feed themselves and to make a living. Click here to see u-tube video of them.   Click here for their FB page.  Click here for their website. Here are  books on local  food production and  permaculture .  Here is Organic Life magazine.   Here is info on […]

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Tell Congress NO on Fast Track at 1-888-804-8311

Please call your Representative.  Otherwise laws that protect dolphins, water quality, food safety,  and health can be overturned.  Also, you can email Congress by clicking  here.  

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Elk, Mountain Views, & Shooting Star flowers

  Elk with velvet green antlers at 7000 ‘, shooting star flower by the creek (with its petals/sepals bent back, the neat red zigzag at its mouth, stamens poking out and down, waiting for the buzzing of a bee to release the pollen) , pasque flowers, larkspur, views from 8200 ‘ of the snowclad mountains […]

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Demand Votes against TPP & Fast Track- Save Wildlife & Ourselves

Write letters to the editor.  Call &  email  your Representative and Senators. Here it shows how TPP will prevent regulations on  food safety, Wall Street, water pollution, and global warming. Here it shows how parts of the TPP and Fast Track allow foreign corporations to overturn laws that limit water pollution  caused by metal mining […]

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