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Help stop a secret deal to overturn Colorado fracking bans

Breaking update: Governor Hickenlooper cut a secret deal with the oil and gas industry to take away your right to protect your family and future from fracking. After months of closed door negotiations, Governor Hickenlooper, Congressman Polis and the oil and gas industry announced last Friday that they had made a deal to address fracking. […]

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Quick tips for making your home more energy efficient

To make your home more energy efficient: Stop the air infiltration by sealing the holes and cracks (except for the amount needed to get air to burn gas in the furnace and hot water heater). Insulate the ceilings, walls, and maybe the foundation or basement. Orientation: have south facing windows with eaves that shade them […]

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Want to stop global warming?

Pressure states to close coal power plants and do renewables! Go to utilities for dummies for Dave Roberts’ introduction to the weird world where utilities make their money by building large polluting coal plants and getting a 10% profit on the construction of new plants; the more they spend, the more they make. They can then take over politicians […]

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Huge march to stop climate change on September 20th and 21st in New York City

Now we need thousands marching to pressure politicians to stop being bought off by oil, coal, gas, and utility companies. Sustainable power is possible: Texas and Germany get much of their power from wind turbines and solar panels now. We just need to stop oil, gas, coal, and utility companies from corrupting, intimidating, and bribing […]

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