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Water is life shirt design

Featured shirt: Water is Life

All livings things on earth require water. But the supply of potable water in the world is decreasing at an alarming rate. Disasters like the recent West Virginia toxic chemical spill, along with agricultural, industrial, and military pollution, continue to contaminate one aquifer after another. This design by artist Ruben Saufkie reminds us that caring for […]

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Clean water delivery

Crowdsourcing help for the pollution in WV

West Virginia is in a state of emergency. Water is poisoned in nine counties due to the toxic chemical spill that occurred on January 9. WV Clean Water Hub is a place where citizens can help and get help by posting offers or needs for clean water. Please share this resource with anyone you think […]

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Leaping Dolphins shirt design

Featured shirt: Leaping Dolphins

Dolphins playfully dare swim with joyful hearts in the currents of life. From Asante Riverwind comes a trio of daring dolphins – themselves an ocean gift, giving us, as we watch the wonder of joyful hearts.   Would you like to see more designs like this? Or perhaps the same design in a different color […]

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Angel the dolphin

Save the Dolphins!

Each year, as many as 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales are stabbed and drowned to death in Japan, one of only a few nations that still allow the killing of cetaceans for food. Other dolphins are forced into captivity and exploited for entertainment until they die, often suddenly and unexpectedly. Learn more and spread the […]

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Revolution shirt design

Featured shirt: rEVOLution

Valentine’s Day has passed, but it’s never too late to start the revolution of love. Artist: John Adams Currently available in: Men’s Organic (black) Men’s Heavyweight (black) Women’s Organic Relaxed Fit (white, on clearance for $10!) Purchase here Would you like to see more designs like this? Or perhaps the same design in a different […]

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Oppose Fast Track and the TPP!

Save our Environment and Health! Write your representatives and senators to oppose fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Act soon before the empire takes away all of our rights. Fast track prevents amendments and discussion in Congress, which makes it easier for corporate lobbyists to pressure politicians. TPP is a trade deal that […]

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Mark Z Jacobsen

Get Completely Off of Coal, Oil, and Gas

Prof. Mark Z. Jacobsen of Stanford is speaking here in Boulder this month! On February 20th the Big Energy Seminar will be held in the Discovery Learning Center. Click here for more details Jacobsen wrote how with increased efficiency we can totally power our electricity, transportation, industry, and heating/cooling with solar, wind, and water—without coal, oil, and natural […]

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Longsleeves and Sweatshirts

SALE on Longsleeves and Sweatshirts!

Valentine Special Give the Gift of Warmth Save 25% on long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts through Wednesday, February 12 at Use promo code: staywarm Order by Thursday, February 6 to receive an additional 10% off and delivery by Valentine’s Day!

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